Thoughts from a seasoned angler

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Written by John Haagensen


We were lucky to met Poul a seasoned angler and existing customer of the Sittingsuit. He shared a few stories of his fishing experiences and thoughts on the Sittingsuit.



I have been an angler since childhood. I started my journey at the age of 8. Throughout my experience, I have been sea fishing, boat trips from the lakes of Sweden all the way to the wilderness of Alaska. Recently I primarily fly fish by the lakes and off the coast of Denmark.

I have always bought quality products and brands when it comes to my outerwear. It needs to be suitable for all kinds of weather. As we say in Scandinavia:

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."



Good quality clothes gives me the freedom to enjoy fishing in all weather. I have bought the Sittingsuit, as the name may give away it is perfect for when I am seated ideal for fishing with live bait. Equally when standing or walking as there is plenty of space to move within the suit. I am also an avid camper and I envision it being used in late summer, autumn and even sunny winter days. The wind proff and water repellent properties make it useful for multiple scenarios, even colder nights when sat in my garden.

This year we stayed in Denmark due to the covid19 pandemic. We used it all the time. The Sittingsuit comes highly recommended by me as a seasoned angler.

Stories and feedback like this is greatly appreciated. Thank you Poul for sharing and please, if you have similar feedback, get in touch we would love to hear :D