Your restaurant’s outdoor space is important, but what matters more is what you do with it. To maximize your investment, offer the clients what they need: fresh air, a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable way to stay seated, without having to worry about getting cold.

ittingsuits are an alternative to blankets and outdoor heating devices in restaurants. They are meant to be worn over your own coat or jacket – as an extra layer whilst sitting comfortably in your chair. They are unisex, one-size and floor-length for unparalleled comfort and “Original Danish Hygge”. Naturally, made from recycled materials!

Sittingsuits are a fun way to give your guests a new cosy experience - whereas most people dread wrapping themselves in damp blankets.

sittingsuits axelhus helsingør

ittingsuits can be customized to with your logo and colors fit your image. Make people feel like part of your tribe.

The suits have side openings for you to reach into your own pockets or bag, without taking them off. Spilled liquids will trickle off the water repellent fabric, without leaving stains.

By offering your guests the use of Sittingsuits, you are guaranteed to keep them relaxed and warm, and the more they’ll eat and drink.