One of the most important things about wearing a Sittingsuit is that it creates a sense of belonging. You want to create a community around our brand. That’s why we put your logo on the Sittingsuit. So guests and colleagues can feel like they are part of the tribe when they wear it. This builds trust and loyalty for your brand.


With Sittingsuits you can make your brand more visible in a variety of outdoor settings; from sports events, festivals, outdoor restaurant patios or at spa hotels and retreats.

Sittingsuits are furthermore well suited for company merchandise, client gifts and for keeping staff warm during outdoor events.

You can purchase customized Sittingsuits, starting at 15 pcs. – for more information, please contact us at



• You want to create a comfortable and inviting space outdoors for your guests. If they feel cozy and warm in their Sittingsuits, they will spend more time outside enjoying all that your restaurant, bar, or hotel has to offer – thus increasing your revenue in the outdoors areas.

• You can avoid the use of outdoor heaters, which are quickly being banned throughout Europe. This saves resources and highlights that your business care about the environment and the planet. You will feel better knowing that Sittingsuits are environmentally friendly and your guests will too.

• Sittingsuits will last for many seasons, as opposed to standard polyester blankets, which will mostly end up being disposed of within a few months.

• Sittingsuits are low maintainance, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Spilled liquids will trickle off the water-repellent fabric, without leaving stains. Only occasional machine wash is needed – and they air-dry within 15 minutes. No tumble dry needed. Better for the environment and better for your business.

• Sittingsuits are one size and unisex. They are specifically designed to be worn over your own coat, as an add-on when necessary. It covers your legs down to your ankles, and furthermore has practical side openings, for you to reach into your bags and pockets underneath.

• Sustainability is important for every business. The Sittingsuits are made from chemically tested Oeko-tex certified fabrics, and the padding is made from 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, or RPET - certified by Global Recycled Standard.


We can create customized Sittingsuits to fit your every need, at very competitive bulk-prices, for your branding purposes and/or for re-selling. We can also simply print your logo on our colours from stock.

Everything is possible - contact us for more information and ideas tailored to your business


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